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Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying – A Gentle Way to Convey

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying | Pneumatic Conveying System

Solutions for Bulk Materials Handling

Dense phase pneumatic conveying is the ideal method of transferring abrasive, friable, or mixed-batch materials. It is used in numerous industries, from food processing to general chemical production to manufacturing.


Nol-Tec is a leader in pneumatic conveying system technology. We will work with you to develop a dense phase pneumatic conveying system that is custom-tailored to your unique application. Contact us today to get started!


“Is Dense Phase Conveying Right for My Application?”

Selecting the proper pneumatic conveying system for powdered or granular bulk materials can be confusing, as there are many variables to consider.


If material abrasiveness, segregation, or degradation is of concern, low velocity dense phase conveying is likely your best choice. Using a lower air flow speed to convey these materials makes the process gentler, which reduces wear on your equipment and breakage of the material itself. Lower velocity dense phase conveying also minimizes separation of the materials being moved, saving you re-blending costs down the line.


Watch the videos below to learn more about the basics of dense phase pneumatic conveying.


See what the dense phase pneumatic conveying process looks like.


High Efficiency, Low Speed Dense Phase Conveying

Two factors that make Nol-Tec’s approach to dense phase pneumatic conveying unique are our vast level of experience and our use of air assists along the conveying line. By injecting air into the line at strategic locations, we decrease the required motive gas pressure and flow, resulting in reduced transfer velocity and increased system reliability. You'll also use less motive gas, saving you operation costs.


Additionally, this pneumatic conveying system design allows us to incorporate our non-purge concept, where material is intentionally left in the conveying line, further minimizing ill effects from high velocity. Materials are less likely to plug or bridge when lines are filled, which helps prevent costly maintenance and downtime for your plant.


Providing straight answers for your company’s bulk materials handling challenges is what Nol-Tec Systems is all about. You can rely on our expertise and value-oriented approach to deliver an efficient, effective, and long-lasting dense phase pneumatic conveying system that is customized to your performance and application requirements. 


See Nol-Tec’s dense phase conveying in action and remove any doubts you may have–contact us today to request a test of your material in our facility. Our testing lab allows us to simulate every factor of our customers’ processes—from the materials to the layout of your conveying system—in a controlled environment to determine which pneumatic conveying system will work best for your unique needs.


Features of Nol-Tec’s Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

  • Gentle material handling
  • Reduced product degradation
  • Minimal component wear
  • Long-lasting, rugged design
  • Decreased dusting
  • Flexible routing


Contact Nol-Tec today to begin a free, no-obligation review of your bulk material handling application.