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Solutions for All Your Bulk Material Handling Needs


With Nol-Tec as your single-source vendor of choice, everything is within reach!

All the little things have to be right to make the big things work. Nol-Tec covers your bulk material handling needs like a blanket with ‘A-to-Z’ provisioning of essential equipment and sub-systems necessary to keep your overall production facility humming.

Bag dump stations bulk bag unloaders, aerating flow aids, air activated gravity conveyors, conveyor diverters, dust collection design, and all manner of conveying line components are provided by Nol-Tec. Our robust, value added design philosophy ensures that you will receive long lasting, high value return for your investment dollar.

To make sure you get the job done right, you need a preferred vendor who sees your “big picture” of processing needs. That’s where Nol-Tec delivers the value-added support so vital to your operational integrity.

Air Mizer®  - Nol-Tec's patented Air Mizer® technology is designed to reduce compressed air requirements for your dense phase pneumatic bulk material conveying system. On larger, longer-run systems, Air Mizer® distributes energy throughout the system to prevent blockages and resistance.

Dust Collection Systems- Comply with OSHA regulations by controlling in-plant and environmental pollution, reduce occupational hazards, lengthen machine life, reduce mechanical and electrical failures, and improve product quality.

Bulk Bag Unloading- Economy and safety are ‘givens’ with bulk bag unloaders designed by Nol-Tec to accommodate a variety of bag styles and sizes, while allowing a single operator to safely, quickly, and easily lift, support, and move a bulk bag. 

Manual Bag Dump Stations- Protect your people with a bag dump station equipped with a cartridge filter dust collector, exhaust fan, and collection hopper. Nol-Tec's Manual Bag Dump Stations are complete, compact work areas designed to draw away airborne fines from the work area and into a cartridge filter, releasing accumulated fines into the hopper when the filter is reverse-pulse cleaned.

Switches and Diverters- Every production process has unique characteristics, often requiring “out of the box” thinking. When your application requires performance parameters existing products can’t provide, our engineers design customized solutions, such as our two-way gravity conveyor diverters, three-way automatic hose switches, and seven-way line switches.

Aerating Bin Flow Aids- Aeration has long been recognized as an effective means to promote flow of powdered and granular bulk products from bins, hoppers, silos, and chutes. Nol-Tec offers a variety of aeration devices design to keep your material moving.

Air Activated Gravity Conveyors- Air activated gravity conveyors provide an efficient, reliable means of transferring large volumes of aerate-able bulk solid materials. Nol-Tec provides a wide variety of air activated gravity conveyor designs.

Conveying Line Components- Conveying line pipe/tube, bends/elbows, and couplings are specifically tailored to your unique material handling application.

Providing straight answers for your company’s pneumatic bulk material handling needs is what Nol-Tec Systems is all about. We have the expertise and value-added approach to deliver assured production efficiencies and long-term performance reliabilities to solve your bulk material handling challenges. Contact us today to begin a free, no-obligation review of your application and requirements.