The Evolving Mercury Abatement Market

Due to the increasingly stringent EPA regulation on mercury and the many variables surrounding in-duct capture technology, the mercury abatement market continues to change and grow. Injecting powdered activated carbon into flue gases is showing proven results in meeting the increasing compliance  standards for mercury abatement.

But because the EPA standards regulate emissions on many pollutants, technology must be able to handle activated carbon injection (ACI) and a combination of other non-carbon designer sorbents (e.g. amended silicates). These designer sorbents are being developed with finer particle sizes and unique chemistry  so as to increase removal rates not only for mercury abatement, but for SO2, SO3, HCl, and HF as well. The physical material handling properties of the new sorbents impact the pneumatic conveying system design. ACI/sorbent injection rates are being increased to meet the newest compliance standards. There is also an increasing demand for longer conveying distances, so as to allow placement of multiple silos in one offloading location. Therefore, the ACI system must be designed properly to convey various sorbents, at increased injection rates over longer distances. For further information on ACI, check out our web page at this link.

Nol-Tec has been working to meet these new challenges. In our next post, we’ll take a look at technology developments that are allowing energy producers (utilities and industrial plants) to meet mercury abatement standards, while addressing these other issues.


What is Resistive Splitting and Why Use It?

For utilities and industrial boilers, capital costs are one large consideration when installing air pollution mitigation. However, ongoing maintenance and materials costs can have an even great impact over time. Dry sorbent injection (DSI) systems keep capital costs in check, but sorbent effectiveness must be boosted for cost effectiveness. Here’s where Nol-Tec’s state-of-the-industry resistive splitter design comes in.

Our innovative Sorb-N-Ject® system designs make the most of sorbent materials. With our resistive splitter technology, sorbent materials do not take the path of least resistance and are instead dispersed equally through each injection lance. Non-resistive splitting, on the other hand, leaves gaps in the sorbent flow, so pollutants may or may not interact with the chemical. The process of resistive splitting fills the duct with a consistent flow of sorbent, so flue gases stream through a curtain of sorbent. This ensures maximum contact between gases and sorbent, which results in efficient chemical interaction and mitigation—and decreases sorbent usage.

Nol-Tec’s in-house experts developed this resistive splitting technology, based on our 30 years of experience in the pneumatic conveying industry. Resistive splitting increases the effectiveness of your sorbent, decreasing overhead costs. It reduces abrasion on the equipment, so a broader range of sorbents can be considered, while lowering your maintenance costs. And we’ve designed it to install easily at the main convey pipe, which lowers the costs to begin using the technology.

Remaining competitive today means keeping costs down and efficiency up. With the innovation and proven success of resistive splitting, that’s exactly what Nol-Tec helps you achieve.

Please Contact Us for more information and be sure to read our blog about DSI Regulations.

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Nol-Tec Systems was established in 1983, and has since grown to be one of the most knowledgeable solution providers in the dry bulk materials handling industry. We balance the technical expertise of our staff with original ideas in order to provide custom-engineered pneumatic conveying solutions, bulk material handling, dry sorbent injection and emissions control solutions, and integrated control systems.

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The diversity of our employees is one of our biggest assets. Collectively, they have more than 100 years of experience in the industry, and have handled countless materials in a wide variety of applications. Our staff members provide excellent service to fulfill your ever-changing project needs.

Engineering Design

We examine your needs during the project’s proposal phase, and ask questions in order to design an economical, high-quality, custom-engineered system. This means fewer change orders, to keep the project moving forward on time.

Materials Testing

Our offices in the United States and Italy have on-site materials testing facilities, in which we can accurately determine a system’s rate, air consumption, material flow characteristics, and product degradation statistics by replicating your field conditions. You can be sure our design will work for you, before making the commitment to  a major installation or update.

Equipment Pre-Assembly

We can assemble all types of bulk material handling modules. We wire and pipe our pre-assembled units to the fullest practical extent, and then test each one electrically and mechanically to ensure proper operation and fit. We deliver a working system to your door, saving you time in the installation.

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Our services include installation, start-up, training, and field services. From basic phone support to turnkey installations, we can assist you every step of the way. We make sure your new system works with your legacy processes, keeping rework costs to a minimum.

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