Food, dairy, and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Food, dairy, and pharmaceutical manufacturing can demand strict sanitation, rigorous materials cross contamination concerns, and precise measurement of ingredients. Properly designed dry bulk materials handling equipment can play a major role in meeting these requirements.

Every step of the process is important, and the conveying system design should be executed so that you’re working efficiently and keeping costs as low as possible. Limiting wasted ingredients is a key to success in cost containment. It’s also important that your system designer understands the flow properties of ingredients and how dry materials will react with certain equipment. Some material transfer methods can cause material breakage or compaction. Either condition negatively impacts your system’s efficiency.

Dense phase pneumatic transporter conveying systems can ensure precise measurement of ingredients, efficient transfer throughout the process, and work to minimize product attrition. Ingredients are valuable – so using the right equipment can help provide their most efficient use.

New Technologies

New technologies such as conveying line air injection and pneumatic blending result in an improved batch quality. Keeping materials moving without blockages is key. And air injection, such as Nol-Tec’s Air Assist, makes sure that materials flow reliably by distributing conveying energy throughout the system to avoid potential obstructions. Advanced blending cone technology uses compressed air to mix ingredients together with minimal material degradation and equipment wear.


As previously mentioned, in the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries, it’s required that the ingredient measurements are precise, and that all materials are blended properly. With the use of an automated system, this consistency is guaranteed, and leaves minimal room for error. In addition to accuracy, automation reduces expenses related to labor and the cost of ingredients, offers reporting of ingredients weights and variances, and can be programmed to meet your production needs.

Nol-Tec Systems has more than 30 years of experience in dry materials handling – so we know how ingredients flow. Every decision made impacts your end result, and our knowledge and expertise can aid in creating a system design for your specific needs.