New Features, New Look, New Website!

There’s a lot going on with us at Nol-Tec Systems, and one of the things we’re most excited about is the launch of our brand new website, which went live on February 1, 2013!  Receiving a complete makeover, we believe our new site exemplifies the quality, innovation, and forward thinking we stand for.

Of course, the most obvious upgrade to the site is its appearance.  But don’t judge it solely on looks—our website is more than just a pretty face.  Sure, it’s more visually-pleasing, but it also includes enhanced Search Engine Optimization and strategized content—meaning it will now be much easier for potential customers to find us in internet searches.  Additionally, our new content management system will allow us to more easily and quickly update any and all content, images, and features of the website.

Another new addition is our fully-functional “search” box.  The inclusion of this means you, our customer, will easily be able to search our entire site and find exactly what you are looking for in a timely, simple manner.  We know you’re busy and we’re happy this function will save you time!  And this isn’t the only feature that will save you time; future site functions include the ability to securely purchase spare parts online, and secure areas of information for our employees and customers.

We’re so excited to introduce our new and improved website to our current and future customers, and we assure you, there are many more ways we will keep it fresh, current, and ever-evolving.  Please be sure to check it out: .

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