Dry Sorbent Technology for MATS and MACT Compliance

The EPA has instituted stringent regulations for both utilities and industrial boiler operators for the mitigation of air pollutants. Deadlines are approaching in both MATS and MACT and users must work with trusted suppliers to develop cost-effective solutions. Nol-Tec can provide dry sorbent injection (DSI) systems that meet both effectiveness and time frame considerations.

DSI uses a pneumatic conveying system to inject dry sorbent materials into system ductwork in a controlled manner. The pollutants in the plant emissions interact with the sorbent chemicals and become inert or non-polluting. DSI is an industry standard for mitigating sulfur trioxide or SO3. It is now also being applied effectively to sulfur dioxide (SO2), mercury (Hg), and hydrochloric acid (HCl) emissions.

One very attractive reason to use DSI is that it can be a low capital cost solution. It allows utilities and industrial boilers to supplement their current mitigation systems affordably – or to use DSI as an interim solution until larger, more costly solutions can be evaluated and installed, if needed.

Additionally, DSI systems can be quickly installed and started up. Often, the time frame from purchase order to commissioning is less than one year. This relatively quick project execution can allow energy generators to quickly meet the latest EPA standards – an important factor as deadlines draw near.

There are numerous variables to be considered to determine if your system is a good candidate for successful DSI mitigation. Removal level requirements, boiler size, flow rate, and sulfur levels in the fuel if coal is being used are only a few points to take into account. Nol-Tec has been specializing in DSI systems – design, testing, installation, and operations – for years. We can help you make the right decisions for your operation, your mitigation requirements, and your budget.

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