More Manufacturers are Discovering the Advantages of Using Pneumatic Blenders to Mix Dry Bulk Materials

In all types of bulk material handling, and for all types of industries, manufacturers look for ways to positively impact their business’ bottom line. That’s why working with a trusted materials handling partner can work to your advantage.

You’re in control of every aspect of the mixing process when you work with Nol-Tec! Yes, we’ll work with you to help determine the best type of mixer/blender for your applications. Pneumatic mixers/blenders conveniently work in your hoppers and silos, and they also give users complete control over the pneumatic blending process. Our pneumatic mixers provide the ability to customize blends based on your needs. The number of pulses, the duration and the pressure of controlled pulses of compressed air or gas in the pneumatic blending process are all controlled by you.

Other advantages offered by pneumatic mixers/blenders include:

  • There’s no need for a separate piece of blending equipment since the storage hopper doubles as the blend vessel.
  • Since large batch sizes can be mixed “in place,” you’ll save time in your plant’s overall processes.
  • Less handling of materials is required with our pneumatic mixers/blenders, so you’ll save on man-hours and equipment costs.
  • No moving parts are in contact with the materials being blended. This means easier equipment cleaning and maintenance.
  • No space is required for separate pieces of blending equipment, so you’re minimizing the equipment footprint needed in your space.
  • Overall, the action of pneumatic blending is extremely gentle, with little product attrition, so you’ll be maintaining product integrity throughout the blending process.

Take a look at our website for more details about Nol-Tec’s pneumatic mixers/blenders, or call us at 651-780-8600. We’d be happy to tell you more about the advantages, and help you review your specific materials handling needs.