Nol-Tec to Exhibit & Speak on Sorb-Tec Injection Technology at EUEC 2017

Nol-Tec Systems is pleased to be taking part in and speaking at the 2017 EUEC conference, taking place February 8-10 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.


Nol-Tec’s Product Manager for Sorbent Injection, Mitch Lund, will be on hand to deliver the presentation “Sorb-Tec™ Injection Technology Delivers Savings for DSI & ACI Systems” on Thursday, February 9, at 10:00am in Room 3, Track C—Mercury Control. The presentation will focus on Nol-Tec’s patented, lance-less sorbent injection technology, Sorb-Tec.


The Nol-Tec team will also be exhibiting at the EUEC conference, displaying and demonstrating Sorb-Tec and other technology. Nol-Tec can be found at exhibitors booth #365. Plan now to stop by or contact Nol-Tec to arrange a meeting.


EUEC, the Energy, Utility & Environment Conference, is the largest professional networking and educational event of its kind in the United States. This year’s conference is EUEC’s twentieth anniversary, and promises to be the biggest yet. Over 400 presentations on current regulations and technologies that impact the electric utility industry, in 10 different focus tracks, are planned over the conference’s three-day schedule. More than 1,500 attendees are expected.


For more information on EUEC 2017 or to register to attend, visit

Nol-Tec’s Lodge Cottrell Division to Take Center Stage at Power-Gen International

Nol-Tec Systems will be taking part in and exhibiting at the upcoming 2016 Power-Gen International trade show. Scheduled for December 13-15, the convention is billed as “The World’s Largest Power Generation Event” and will include exhibits from over 1,400 companies from all sectors of the energy generation industry.

Nol-Tec will be among the exhibitors at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. One area of focus at our booth (#1317) will be the air pollution control (APC) solutions provided by our Lodge Cottrell division. Acquired by and integrated into Nol-Tec in Autumn 2015, Lodge Cottrell—formerly KC Cottrell US—gives us a wide range of additional capabilities and specialties that makes us a total solutions provider for the APC market.

Over 20,000 attendees from more than 110 countries are expected at Power-Gen International 2016. The trade show is scheduled to include 70 conference sessions led by 300-plus industry experts, five additional co-located events, technical training sessions, and more. The event will take place December 13-15 in Orlando, Florida. For additional information on the Power-Gen International trade show, visit

On day one of Power-Gen 2016 (Tuesday, December 13) Nol-Tec’s Bob Mastropietro and Nick Evans will be presenting “Improved Sorbent Utilization Using Lance-Less Technology Causes Re-Evaluations of Electrostatic Precipitator vs. Fabric Filter,” which will give attendees a closer look at the Lodge Cottrell division’s technologies. Mastropietro and Evans’ presentation is scheduled for 1:30-3:30PM in room S310D, as part of the Emissions Control II track.

Plan now to visit us at booth #1317 and to take in our presentation on Tuesday the 13th. If you’d like to receive details about our booth events and schedule, please fill out our “Contact Us” form and write “Power-Gen” in the comments section.

Nol-Tec Offers Dust Mitigation Solutions for OSHA’s New Respirable Crystalline Silica Rule

Earlier this year, OSHA (the Occupational Health and Safety Administration) announced its “final rule” regarding respirable crystalline silica. In the works since 2013, the new rule reduces the permissible exposure limit (or PEL) for workers in a number of industries where workers are frequently exposed to respirable crystalline silica.

A Decades-Late Update

Crystalline silica is a common mineral that is one of the building blocks of materials such as rock/stone, sand, concrete, brick, and mortar. Exposure to this substance is common in workplace operations that involve the cutting, drilling, crushing, and handling of these materials. This includes those found in construction, glass manufacturing, sand blasting, concrete production, and other industrial processes, as well as other, less obvious applications, such as dental laboratories and jewelry production.

For their part, OSHA admits that the dangers of respirable crystalline silica have been well known for more than 80 years. In their official overview of the final rule, the organization states that “Workers who inhale very small crystalline silica particles are at increased risk of developing serious—and often deadly—silica-related diseases” including silicosis (an incurable and sometimes fatal lung disease), lung cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and kidney disease. OSHA notes that approximately 2.3 million Americans are exposed to silica at work each year.

OSHA’s current PELs for the substance have not been updated since the 1960s, however, and evidence gathered in the decades since shows that the current exposure limits do not adequately protect worker health. “[Since] the current exposure limits were adopted,” OSHA’s overview states, “respirable crystalline silica exposure has been found to cause lung cancer and kidney disease at the levels currently permitted.” Once the full effects of the rule are implemented, the new standards are expected to save more than 600 lives and prevent over 900 cases of silicosis annually.

Nol-Tec Has the Compliance Solution You Need

Under OSHA’s new rule, employers whose workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica are required to, among other measures, implement controls and work practices to limit employee exposure to silica dust.

The best and most effective solution for limiting exposure to harmful dust is to limit the creation of that dust. Nol-Tec Systems offers complete, high efficiency, customizable material handling solutions that will minimize breakage of your materials and significantly reduce dust.

To further limit workers’ exposure to dust, our dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems are fully enclosed to prevent dust from escaping into your facility’s atmosphere.

We will conduct on-site evaluations of your processes, as needed, and conduct small-scale trials in our testing lab—using the actual materials you work with—to create a particulate control solution that provides efficient and effective protection against respirable crystalline silica exposure.

OSHA’s ruling gives employers one to five years to get their safety solutions in place, depending on the size of the company and their specific processes. Five years may seem like a long time, but, as there are thousands of employers across the country that will be working to meet the new standards, solutions providers will be booked up fast, and likely far into the future.

You don’t want to be stuck on a waiting list when the time for your inspection rolls around—contact Nol-Tec today to get started on the respirable crystalline silica solution you and your employees need.

What the manufacturing industry needs to continue growing

Increasing revenues, acquiring new customers, and keeping the current ones happy seem to be the main goals in manufacturing right now. With production in the U.S. always changing, learning new ways to secure additional business is going to be one of the key factors to growth in the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Making increased investments in machinery and updating software and technology alone doesn’t always guarantee growth – although one might assume it would. Manufacturers (especially small-sized companies) are making investments at higher levels than any recorded in the past seven years, in an effort to attain more business. But in addition to those technology upgrades, we have adopted a few strategies to maintain a competitive advantage and be more responsive our customers:

Maintain a skilled workforce

  • It’s expected that most manufacturers build basic parts and have assembly lines. That’s why we do our best to show that we have skilled workers who can work with our customers’ complex equipment AND have superior capabilities in engineering.

We’re flexible

  • We do our best to meet our customers’ needs as closely as possible. In our business, that means we develop custom designs based on clients’ specific requirements. We don’t just issue a standard system and expect them to work around it. We work around their system needs instead.

Find opportunities to improve

  • We revisit our business strategies often in order to provide the best service to our customers. Something that worked well five years ago might not work so well today, so by constantly looking for ways to improve, we’re always at the forefront of our industry.

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