Dry Sorbent Technology for MATS and MACT Compliance

The EPA has instituted stringent regulations for both utilities and industrial boiler operators for the mitigation of air pollutants. Deadlines are approaching in both MATS and MACT and users must work with trusted suppliers to develop cost-effective solutions. Nol-Tec can provide dry sorbent injection (DSI) systems that meet both effectiveness and time frame considerations.

DSI uses a pneumatic conveying system to inject dry sorbent materials into system ductwork in a controlled manner. The pollutants in the plant emissions interact with the sorbent chemicals and become inert or non-polluting. DSI is an industry standard for mitigating sulfur trioxide or SO3. It is now also being applied effectively to sulfur dioxide (SO2), mercury (Hg), and hydrochloric acid (HCl) emissions.

One very attractive reason to use DSI is that it can be a low capital cost solution. It allows utilities and industrial boilers to supplement their current mitigation systems affordably – or to use DSI as an interim solution until larger, more costly solutions can be evaluated and installed, if needed.

Additionally, DSI systems can be quickly installed and started up. Often, the time frame from purchase order to commissioning is less than one year. This relatively quick project execution can allow energy generators to quickly meet the latest EPA standards – an important factor as deadlines draw near.

There are numerous variables to be considered to determine if your system is a good candidate for successful DSI mitigation. Removal level requirements, boiler size, flow rate, and sulfur levels in the fuel if coal is being used are only a few points to take into account. Nol-Tec has been specializing in DSI systems – design, testing, installation, and operations – for years. We can help you make the right decisions for your operation, your mitigation requirements, and your budget.

What is Resistive Splitting and Why Use It?

For utilities and industrial boilers, capital costs are one large consideration when installing air pollution mitigation. However, ongoing maintenance and materials costs can have an even great impact over time. Dry sorbent injection (DSI) systems keep capital costs in check, but sorbent effectiveness must be boosted for cost effectiveness. Here’s where Nol-Tec’s state-of-the-industry resistive splitter design comes in.

Our innovative Sorb-N-Ject® system designs make the most of sorbent materials. With our resistive splitter technology, sorbent materials do not take the path of least resistance and are instead dispersed equally through each injection lance. Non-resistive splitting, on the other hand, leaves gaps in the sorbent flow, so pollutants may or may not interact with the chemical. The process of resistive splitting fills the duct with a consistent flow of sorbent, so flue gases stream through a curtain of sorbent. This ensures maximum contact between gases and sorbent, which results in efficient chemical interaction and mitigation—and decreases sorbent usage.

Nol-Tec’s in-house experts developed this resistive splitting technology, based on our 30 years of experience in the pneumatic conveying industry. Resistive splitting increases the effectiveness of your sorbent, decreasing overhead costs. It reduces abrasion on the equipment, so a broader range of sorbents can be considered, while lowering your maintenance costs. And we’ve designed it to install easily at the main convey pipe, which lowers the costs to begin using the technology.

Remaining competitive today means keeping costs down and efficiency up. With the innovation and proven success of resistive splitting, that’s exactly what Nol-Tec helps you achieve.

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Food, dairy, and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Food, dairy, and pharmaceutical manufacturing can demand strict sanitation, rigorous materials cross contamination concerns, and precise measurement of ingredients. Properly designed dry bulk materials handling equipment can play a major role in meeting these requirements.

Every step of the process is important, and the conveying system design should be executed so that you’re working efficiently and keeping costs as low as possible. Limiting wasted ingredients is a key to success in cost containment. It’s also important that your system designer understands the flow properties of ingredients and how dry materials will react with certain equipment. Some material transfer methods can cause material breakage or compaction. Either condition negatively impacts your system’s efficiency.

Dense phase pneumatic transporter conveying systems can ensure precise measurement of ingredients, efficient transfer throughout the process, and work to minimize product attrition. Ingredients are valuable – so using the right equipment can help provide their most efficient use.

New Technologies

New technologies such as conveying line air injection and pneumatic blending result in an improved batch quality. Keeping materials moving without blockages is key. And air injection, such as Nol-Tec’s Air Assist, makes sure that materials flow reliably by distributing conveying energy throughout the system to avoid potential obstructions. Advanced blending cone technology uses compressed air to mix ingredients together with minimal material degradation and equipment wear.


As previously mentioned, in the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries, it’s required that the ingredient measurements are precise, and that all materials are blended properly. With the use of an automated system, this consistency is guaranteed, and leaves minimal room for error. In addition to accuracy, automation reduces expenses related to labor and the cost of ingredients, offers reporting of ingredients weights and variances, and can be programmed to meet your production needs.

Nol-Tec Systems has more than 30 years of experience in dry materials handling – so we know how ingredients flow. Every decision made impacts your end result, and our knowledge and expertise can aid in creating a system design for your specific needs.

What the manufacturing industry needs to continue growing

Increasing revenues, acquiring new customers, and keeping the current ones happy seem to be the main goals in manufacturing right now. With production in the U.S.always changing, learning new ways to secure additional business is going to be one of the key factors to growth in the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Making increased investments in machinery and updating software and technology alone doesn’t always guarantee growth – although one might assume it would. Manufacturers (especially small-sized companies) are making investments at higher levels than any recorded in the past seven years, in an effort to attain more business. But in addition to those technology upgrades, we have adopted a few strategies to maintain a competitive advantage and be more responsive our customers:

Maintain a skilled workforce

  • It’s expected that most manufacturers build basic parts and have assembly lines. That’s why we do our best to show that we have skilled workers who can work with our customers’ complex equipment AND have superior capabilities in engineering.

We’re flexible

  • We do our best to meet our customers’ needs as closely as possible. In our business, that means we develop custom designs based on clients’ specific requirements. We don’t just issue a standard system and expect them to work around it. We work around their system needs instead.

Find opportunities to improve

  • We revisit our business strategies often in order to provide the best service to our customers. Something that worked well five years ago might not work so well today, so by constantly looking for ways to improve, we’re always at the forefront of our industry.

More Manufacturers are Discovering the Advantages of Using Pneumatic Blenders to Mix Dry Bulk Materials

In all types of bulk material handling, and for all types of industries, manufacturers look for ways to positively impact their business’ bottom line. That’s why working with a trusted materials handling partner can work to your advantage.

You’re in control of every aspect of the mixing process when you work with Nol-Tec! Yes, we’ll work with you to help determine the best type of mixer/blender for your applications. Pneumatic mixers/blenders conveniently work in your hoppers and silos, and they also give users complete control over the pneumatic blending process. Our pneumatic mixers provide the ability to customize blends based on your needs. The number of pulses, the duration and the pressure of controlled pulses of compressed air or gas in the pneumatic blending process are all controlled by you.

Other advantages offered by pneumatic mixers/blenders include:

  • There’s no need for a separate piece of blending equipment since the storage hopper doubles as the blend vessel.
  • Since large batch sizes can be mixed “in place,” you’ll save time in your plant’s overall processes.
  • Less handling of materials is required with our pneumatic mixers/blenders, so you’ll save on man-hours and equipment costs.
  • No moving parts are in contact with the materials being blended. This means easier equipment cleaning and maintenance.
  • No space is required for separate pieces of blending equipment, so you’re minimizing the equipment footprint needed in your space.
  • Overall, the action of pneumatic blending is extremely gentle, with little product attrition, so you’ll be maintaining product integrity throughout the blending process.

Take a look at our website for more details about Nol-Tec’s pneumatic mixers/blenders, or call us at 651-780-8600. We’d be happy to tell you more about the advantages, and help you review your specific materials handling needs.

Pneumatic Conveying and Bulk Material Handling – Part 2

Pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling are our specialties, and we work with our clients to design custom-engineered systems from proposal through installation. Our mechanical and electrical engineers have years of hands-on experience. So we know how to combat challenges, and make economic recommendations to ensure optimal performance. We pride ourselves in offering services that assist our clients with custom engineered pneumatic conveying systems that are cutting edge in the industry.

Here at Nol-Tec, we have two main areas of focus within our business – pneumatic bulk materials conveying for general industrial applications and also dry sorbent injection systems for the air pollution mitigation industry. Our Sorb-N-Ject technology has been used to successfully at more than 50 electrical power generating units and industrial boilers. Most dry sorbent injection systems have been deployed in coal-fired electrical generating facilities to mitigate SO3 and Hg, along with the removal of SO2 and HCl. In general, hydrated lime (for SO3 removal) and powdered activated carbon (for mercury removal) are the most common sorbent materials used, but sodium bicarbonate and trona are used as well

We work with end users, owners, engineers, and sorbent suppliers to design the optimal system to deliver the proper sorbent material into your facility in a controlled and verifiable manner. Our system design can include components to unload the chemical into on-site storage silos. We know that moisture control in the chemical unload, storage, and transfer system is essential, so we design accordingly.

When it comes to dry sorbent injection solutions, no two power plant designs are the same.  We know that fuel compositional fluctuations can occur, so we conduct injection field trials, along with duct flow modeling, in order to determine answers as to how these variables affect your system design. Our main goal is to anticipate potential challenges, by researching and developing the application solution and pointing you in the right direction to avoid possible difficulties.

Pneumatic Conveying and Bulk Material Handling – Part 1

Nol-Tec Systems specializes in pneumatic dry bulk materials handling for a wide variety of industries. We work with our clients to design custom-engineered system solutions from proposal through installation. Our mechanical and electrical engineers are experienced, so they know how to anticipate challenges, and make economic recommendations to ensure optimal performance. We’re proud to offer innovative, customized service that is cutting edge in the industry.

Industry segments covered include food processing, ceramics, building materials, plastics, rubber, pollution mitigation and foundry, to name a few. We transfer the materials through pneumatic conveying, where air or a similar type of gas is used to move the substance through an enclosed pipeline. This can be done either by pressure or vacuum, dense or dilute phase, depending on the material and its characteristics.

In the industries we support, there are a number of variables in the materials that need to be transported. Particle size, distribution, bulk density, abrasiveness, toxicity, cohesiveness, moisture content and friability must be taken into consideration when designing a conveying system. In addition, the system design must consider rate, power requirements, transport distances, layout and footprint of the current processing system, and operating costs. It’s extremely important that you work with an experienced pneumatic conveying system designer to avoid potential pitfalls.

With over 30 years of experience, Nol-Tec offers the expertise you need. From start to finish, we anticipate potential challenges, configure the ideal design, oversee the installation process, and provide you with service across the full lifecycle of your equipment. Whether you require dilute phase (particles fully suspended in a low pressure, high velocity environment) or dense phase (non-suspended particles, moving in a high pressure, low velocity atmosphere), our team has the background and specialized knowledge needed to make the most cost effective and efficient decisions with you.

In the next post we will discuss how Nol-Tec has taken its pneumatic conveying expertise into the arena of pollution mitigation for fossil fueled electrical generation facilities and industrial boilers using our Sorb-N-Ject technology.

Cleaner Options for Sustainable Energy

Sustainability is a major buzzword in business today, but what does it mean for energy production and waste disposal? On the production side of the equation, one major initiative being undertaken in the industrial field has been using common by-products as a source of fuel (biomass). This waste-to-energy conversion not only results in a cleaner environment, but also represents an opportunity for renewable and sustainable energy development.

On the waste side of the picture, sustainability can mean finding ways to make the byproducts of energy production cleaner.  For both biomass and coal-fired power plants, the necessity for cleaner energy has been made even more apparent, thanks to the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) regulation. The new standards limit emissions of mercury (Hg), hydrochloric acid (HCl), and filterable particulate matter (fPM) from power plants to benefit public health. They also regulate SO2, SO3, and HF emissions.

Mercury and hydrochloric acid in particular are well-known by-products of coal-fired plants, as well as from biomass fuel, creating a need for better options in this industry.

Dry sorbent injection (DSI) is one method ideally suited to aid in pollution mitigation of all these requlated emissions. It neutralizes harmful gases before they have a chance to be released into the atmosphere. This is a major step forward in the power generation field.

This process will be discussed more in depth at the 15th Annual Electric Power Conference & Exhibition. The event takes place May 14 to 16, 2013 in Rosemont,IL. Nol-Tec Systems’ Chemical Engineer Brent Tidemann will be speaking on Wednesday, May 15 at 8:30AM. His presentation, titled, “DSI for HCl and Mercury” will discuss DSI technology and its applications for HCl and mercury mitigation. This is a must-attend presentation for anyone in the waste-to-energy field or who wants to learn more about new energy practices.

New Features, New Look, New Website!

There’s a lot going on with us at Nol-Tec Systems, and one of the things we’re most excited about is the launch of our brand new website, which went live on February 1, 2013!  Receiving a complete makeover, we believe our new site exemplifies the quality, innovation, and forward thinking we stand for.

Of course, the most obvious upgrade to the site is its appearance.  But don’t judge it solely on looks—our website is more than just a pretty face.  Sure, it’s more visually-pleasing, but it also includes enhanced Search Engine Optimization and strategized content—meaning it will now be much easier for potential customers to find us in internet searches.  Additionally, our new content management system will allow us to more easily and quickly update any and all content, images, and features of the website.

Another new addition is our fully-functional “search” box.  The inclusion of this means you, our customer, will easily be able to search our entire site and find exactly what you are looking for in a timely, simple manner.  We know you’re busy and we’re happy this function will save you time!  And this isn’t the only feature that will save you time; future site functions include the ability to securely purchase spare parts online, and secure areas of information for our employees and customers.

We’re so excited to introduce our new and improved website to our current and future customers, and we assure you, there are many more ways we will keep it fresh, current, and ever-evolving.  Please be sure to check it out: http://www.nol-tec.com/ .

We are the Expert Solution Providers

Nol-Tec Systems was established in 1983, and has since grown to be one of the most knowledgeable solution providers in the dry bulk materials handling industry. We balance the technical expertise of our staff with original ideas in order to provide custom-engineered pneumatic conveying solutions, bulk material handling, dry sorbent injection and emissions control solutions, and integrated control systems.

Our customers are industry leaders, and come in in a variety of sizes and industries from small foundries to multi-national food manufacturers. As our client, you are our partner, and our number one goal is working with you to become more efficient and competitive in the marketplace.

The diversity of our employees is one of our biggest assets. Collectively, they have more than 100 years of experience in the industry, and have handled countless materials in a wide variety of applications. Our staff members provide excellent service to fulfill your ever-changing project needs.

Engineering Design

We examine your needs during the project’s proposal phase, and ask questions in order to design an economical, high-quality, custom-engineered system. This means fewer change orders, to keep the project moving forward on time.

Materials Testing

Our offices in the United States and Italy have on-site materials testing facilities, in which we can accurately determine a system’s rate, air consumption, material flow characteristics, and product degradation statistics by replicating your field conditions. You can be sure our design will work for you, before making the commitment to  a major installation or update.

Equipment Pre-Assembly

We can assemble all types of bulk material handling modules. We wire and pipe our pre-assembled units to the fullest practical extent, and then test each one electrically and mechanically to ensure proper operation and fit. We deliver a working system to your door, saving you time in the installation.

Start-up and Field Service

Our services include installation, start-up, training, and field services. From basic phone support to turnkey installations, we can assist you every step of the way. We make sure your new system works with your legacy processes, keeping rework costs to a minimum.

Technical Support

When you purchase a Nol-Tec system, our mechanical and electrical engineers will address any of your concerns and provide technical assistance over the full lifecycle of your equipment. You can depend on us to be there for any question, any time.

Nol-Tec Systems is headquartered in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, with regional offices in North Carolinaand Indiana, associate companies in Italyand Singapore, and a worldwide representative network. To learn more about our products and services, please visit our website or call us at 651-780-8600.