Ash Handling
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Complete Ash Handling Systems

Ash Handling Systems | Fly Ash Conveying System

The type of fuel firing your power generating facility determines how much capacity your ash handling system needs. Burning coal produces more ash than burning oil does, and the proportionate amount of ash produced in biomass-fired boiler applications is often significantly higher than coal, lignite, or oil.


Remove Gas Flow Pollutants with Dry Sorbent Injection

Dry sorbent injection essentially removes pollutants from a gas flow by producing a precipitate (i.e., ash) that can be buried in a landfill. A significant advantage of dry sorbent injection is that the reclaimed ash is often viable not only environmentally, but also economically.

The chemical reaction between the mitigated pollutant and the sorbent material used in a dry sorbent injection system allows the accumulation of the byproduct of that reaction.


The Custom Fly Ash Conveying System Your Facility Needs

We specialize in engineering and manufacturing customized material handling pressure conveying systems, dense phase transport systems, and storage devices. A Nol-Tec fly ash handling system will help your facility meet emission control requirements and maximize the R.O.I. on your ash handling investment.

We will custom-engineer our DSI/ACI technology to meet your specific performance and application requirements, and pair it with a customized vacuum conveying system to provide a complete ash handling system for your facility.


Contact Nol-Tec today to get started with a free, no-obligation review of your application and requirements. 

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