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Air Pollution Mitigation

Industrial Air Pollution Abatement | Air Pollution Mitigation | Air Pollution Control

Solutions for Utility & Industrial Air Pollution Abatement

A major concern for modern utility and industrial companies is meeting regulatory standards that protect our environment. Few, if any, alternatives for successful air pollution mitigation can match the cost-saving advantages of Nol-Tec’s DSI/ACI technology.


Effective Air Pollution Abatement Technology

Generating power for industry requires diligent and verifiable adherence to the EPA’s established air pollution mitigation standards. This is true for electric power generation stations, industrial boilers, and biomass-fueled facilities.

Electrical generation units must adhere to Utility MACT and MATS regulations, Cross State Air Pollution Rules (CSAPR), and various state standards. Operators of industrial boilers must meet Boiler MACT regulations, whether they run on coal, oil, or lignite. Biomass-fuel also requires compliance with Boiler MACT standards, as well as special considerations for mercury abatement, SO3 mitigation, and other specialized concerns.

No matter what your air pollution mitigation challenge, Nol-Tec’s DSI/ACI technology will reduce pollutant emissions of SO2, SO3, Hg, HCl, and HF through boiler duct injection of a variety of sorbent chemicals. Our solutions provide high performance air pollution abatement at significantly lower cost than other methods.


Complete Process Solutions from Nol-Tec

When employing dry sorbent injection for the abatement of air pollution, the chemical reaction between pollutant and sorbent produces various byproducts. Nol-Tec specializes in engineering and manufacturing material handling conveyors, dense phase transport systems, and storage devices for safe and efficient ash handling to deal with these byproducts.


The Air Pollution Mitigation Experts

Effective abatement of hazardous utility and industrial air pollutants requires a custom-engineered approach to meet your specific requirements. Nol-Tec looks at each and every variable to guarantee compliant levels for your air pollution abatement, while minimizing costs and maximizing system efficiency. Our patented Sorb-Tec™ dry sorbent injection technology provides reliable performance in any application, and reduces sorbent usage for lower operating costs.

Nol-Tec delivers complete air pollution mitigation solutions. We anticipate potential challenges, test to ensure standards are met, configure the ideal system design, oversee the installation process, and provide our customers with service across the entire lifecycle of their equipment.

From small industrial boiler applications to large electrical power stations, our DSI/ACI technology can cover the scale and scope of any system.

Contact Nol-Tec today to get started on a customized air pollution abatement solution for your facility.