Activated Carbon Injection
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Activated Carbon Injection

Activated Carbon Injection for Mercury Abatement

How Does Activated Carbon Injection Work?

In activated carbon injection, powdered activated carbon is pneumatically injected from a storage silo into the flue gas ductwork of an industrial facility, such as a power plant. The powdered activated carbon adsorbs the vaporized mercury in flue gases generated by industrial processes; the PAC is then collected (along with fly ash) in the plant’s particulate collection system.

Activated carbon/dry sorbent injection systems are among the most powerful and cost-efficient mercury abatement methods for treating coal-fired boiler flue gas in power plants and cement kilns. Dry sorbent injection has been proven effective in a variety of applications, and, when properly calibrated, can provide mercury abatement up to 90% or better.


Dry Sorbent Injection Systems for Effective Mercury Abatement

Powdered activated carbon is proven to be the most effective mercury abatement sorbent. However, what makes it so effective also makes it the most challenging to handle. The ultra-fine, flowable characteristics of powdered activated carbon increase mercury removal, but standard eductor technology does not work well with this material. Low convey pressures and material leakage mean higher costs and less efficient mercury abatement.

Fortunately, Nol-Tec has the solution. Designed for use with our DSI/ACI systems, our innovative non-eductor technology maximizes activated carbon injection for mercury abatement.

Benefits of Nol-Tec’s Activated Carbon Injection Technology

  • Ability to increase convey pressure to meet your system’s specific convey distances
  • Use of resistive splitting for even material distribution and greater pollution mitigation
  • Allows for greatest flexibility in both injection rates and sorbent types

Nol-Tec's activated carbon injection systems have proven successful with many permanent installations at Southern Companies, First Energy, TVA, and other locations. We specialize in using time-tested handling methods for delivering sorbent materials in innovative configurations to increase mercury abatement and pollution mitigation effectiveness to meet EPA regulations.


Custom Activated Carbon Injection Systems

Our DSI/ACI technology is custom-engineered to meet your specific requirements. It starts with a free, no-obligation review of your application and requirements. Nol-Tec balances sound technical expertise with innovative thinking to exceed your expectations and deliver successful, effective mercury abatement.

Contact Nol-Tec today to learn how our activated carbon injection systems can help with your unique mercury abatement needs.


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